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Stainless Steel Square Floor Drain with Removable Hair Catcher

Upgrade Your Drainage System with our 4 Inch Square Floor Drain - 304 Stainless Steel, Removable Hair Catcher, Backflow Preventer, and Extra Tile Insert for a Stylish and Functional Kitchen, Balcony or Garage!

- Backflow Preventer: The drain is equipped with a backflow preventer, which prevents water from flowing back into the drain and causing flooding. This ensures that the drain is safe and prevents any potential damage to the surrounding area.
- Versatile Use: The 4 Inch Square Floor Drain is suitable for use in various areas such as kitchens, balconies, and garages. It also comes with an extra tile insert, which allows for seamless integration into any tile design. This makes it a versatile and practical option for any space.

Introducing the 4 Inch Square Floor Drain, made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with a removable hair catcher cover grate. This extra tile insert shower drain is perfect for your kitchen, balcony, garage or any other area that requires efficient drainage. The backflow preventer ensures that water flows in only one direction, preventing any unpleasant odors or potential damage. The 10*10cm size of this drain makes it easy to install and fits perfectly in most standard drain openings. The removable hair catcher cover grate helps prevent clogs and makes cleaning a breeze. Upgrade your drainage system today and enjoy a cleaner and more efficient space with the 4 Inch Square Floor Drain.