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Gold Square Shower Drain with Removable Strainer Cover

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Antrader's Anti-Clogging Copper Shower Floor Drain - Stylish, Durable, and Easy to Clean!

- 9-inch Copper Shower Floor Drain with Removable Strainer Cover is made of high-quality copper material which is durable and long-lasting. It ensures that the drain will not corrode or rust easily, making it a great investment for your bathroom.
- Anti-Clogging Design: The Antrader Square Anti-Clogging Bathroom Accessory is designed to prevent clogging and blockage of the drain. Its removable strainer cover traps hair and other debris, preventing them from entering the drain and causing blockages.

The 3.9-inch Copper Shower Floor Drain with Removable Strainer Cover is a must-have bathroom accessory for those who want to upgrade their shower experience. Made of high-quality copper material, this drain is not only durable but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor with its gold finish. The square-shaped drain comes with a removable strainer cover that prevents clogging and makes cleaning a breeze. The anti-clogging feature ensures that water flows smoothly and efficiently, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing shower experience. With its easy installation process, this shower floor drain is suitable for any bathroom renovation project. Upgrade your bathroom with this stylish and functional Antrader Square Anti-Clogging Bathroom Accessory, and enjoy a luxurious shower experience like never before.